Cynthia Whelan

Cynthia Whelan has in the past worked with writers new to television for the BBC Drama Department. She also trained and worked as a psychotherapist for a number of years. Eight years ago she completed a Fine Art Degree in timed-based media and sculpture creating solo performances and short video pieces that were multi-layered with a domestic theme. These solo pieces were performed at the Edinburgh Festival and the video pieces are shown internationally. For four years she worked with the Lone Twin Theatre Group on a collaborative performance piece entitled ‘Alice Bell’ which was performed at various European festivals as well as in the UK. She is currently working with the Bristol based company Common Wealth, a collective of writers, performers and artists interested in socio-political themes. She has just completed a Masters degree in Writing for Performance at University College Falmouth. She is interested in ventriloquism as an arts practice and researching digital literature, animation, and the materiality of language and writing.