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H is a hypertext fiction based on a narrative created with 12 short video clips shot from the point of view of the protagonist.

It tells the story of a woman, who is lost in a place that she believes is a hotel, but could be a psychiatric hospital. Perhaps her husband has left her there. She is trying to find her husband Peter within the vast empty environment. She is disoriented. The atmosphere is heightened by objects within the architecture of the building using textual interaction with her suggesting various options to her to sooth her in this strange environment. In each sequence, the reader has the choice to follow either the woman via the black text on the screen or the suggestions of the objects in white text on the screen. The narrative is circular, so the reader never reaches a conclusion but returns constantly to another space within the environment, similar to a prisoner who cannot escape.

Flash technology was used to create this interactive piece in which the emphasis is on the use of text, and the video images enabling the readers to make their own journey through the piece through the choices they make and perhaps be disoriented in the process.

In future development, the piece could become more interactive using generative content repeating sequences, different words changing randomly in the sentences, or adding more layers of sentences which take the reader on different journeys as if in a labyrinth.