Flowing Scenes

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Flowing scenes” is a project that relates a selection of quotes extracted from European literature (Spanish in the most part) and Hispanic literature from all times to scenes from both cinema and television. This work was inspired by our strong desire to relate different textual and visual realities, in a mixture of senses where the only constant is the kiss, always present in all cultures. Passionate kisses, violent kisses, comic kisses... all of them with the ability to associate with each other allowing for different templates in a single gesture. In the words of Baldasarre Castiglione, in Il Cortigiano, “Tutti gli innamorati casti desiderano il bacio come congiungimento dell'anima”. It is by doing this project that we express our desire to connect the world of the written word with the world of the image. Will a simple kiss be able to do this?

Description of the authors

Flowing scenes” utilizes an interactive system that parts from two representative choice words from different literary texts and quotes. The project is built from a series of selection screens, each of them with a total of two random choice words. These words, through their power of suggestion, are representative of the full literary text and quotes that the user visualizes after clicking on them. The meaning of the choice words, and its following text and quotes are both supported by a strong visual element (movie scene) that better portrays the meaning of them.


Press “Enter”. Once in the first selection screen choose one out of the two random choice words. This will take you to the literary text or quote from where the choice word was extracted. At this stage you will also visualize a scene that portrays the literary text or quote.