Vanora Miranda

19757_290727608076_2786571_nI am the one that history captures. I am that dam on the ready bench. I am carmine and the world upside down. I am the one that when mourns expresses. I am the whore in your bed. I am the singing nymph. I am the last insomnia. I am the compass while you walking. I am drunk of sadness. I am the quiet when listens. I'm in the depressions the funniest. I am the frost upon awakening. I am the sponge of your fears. I am the unknown room 405. I am the Witch of the West. I am the music of dew. I am a dream, I'm a coach, I am the unstitched button of the shirt. I'm beast and I am fierce. I am the sole of the shoe. I am asphalt and thirst. I am imperfect, as all. I am poetry, don't you notice it at all? I am ... maybe. I am a forever. I am an after. I am death in the present. I am life in the blunder. I am the inadvertent fool. I am the stupid on the lyric. I am the fifth string on the guitar. I am the starry night. I am manical and crazy. I am joy in solitude. I am a cockroach in the sewers. I am the unnoticed in the shadows. I am the voice of conversation. I am the one that a day kissed you. I am the grime among rats. I'm the perfect imperfection. I am bold and rude. I'm dirty, and even a piggy pig. I'm shit, I'm a black point. I am a heart with veins. I am a lung, a brain ... I'm an eyebrow, an eye ... I'm a nose, a lip. I'm ears, I am head. I am hands and legs. I am alphabet, language. I'm a woodworm fuzz on the shirt. I'm so small ... I'm a glance throughout the sheets. I am the memory of a moan. I am the absurdity of the puppets. I'm like you ... I'm human. I am animal. I am obsessed. I am the one that waits for you. I'm your eyes. I am your fog. I am your poppy. I am a thorn in your head. I'm the fool who respects. I'm the one misunderstood. I am the silenced. I am the one who fear breaths. I am the only voice that to your soul speaks. I am the scary cold. I'm the one who nothing knows. I am obtuse. I'm straight. I am circular. I'm irreversible. I am inflexible. I am mad. I'm your suitcase. I hope to be so. I am, at least, if you do let me be.