Maud Busson

480375_4204076533826_1407978701_nMaud is a 21-year-old student at Paris 8 university in a Masters of international media and cultures. She graduated in English literature, spent one year teaching French in a British highschool and is about to spend one señester studying coññunication in California - this is how much she loves speaking English !  Maud is a curious, open-minded and somehow adventurous girl who loves travelling and sharing experiences with people from around the world. She believes that one can learn about the world and themselves by meeting different cultures. She is especially interested by visual arts, especially photography and paintings, but also in jazz, blues and funk music. She would like to work in the cultural and publishing fields.

Maud decided to apply for this intensive program because she finds interesting to mix different medium and technologies in order to create new and innovative artistic projects.