Rui Torres

Rui Torres is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the University Fernando Pessoa, Porto, Portugal, and a member of the CECLICO Research Group. His publications include more than 30 articles and book chapters mostly on Portuguese experimental and electronic literature, media studies and contemporary poetry. He is the author of three electronic and interactive books: Amor de Clarice (2005), Herberto Helder Leitor de Raul Brandão (2010) and Poemas no Meio do Caminho, (2011). He is the Founder and current Director of the academic journal Cibertextualidades (<>) and the Coordinator of the Project PO.EX'70-80 - Arquivo Digital da Literatura Experimental Portuguesa, funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portugal) and the European Union (Ref. PTDC-CLE-LLI-098270/2008).