Jörgen Schäfer

"I am a Senior Research Fellow in Comparative Media and Literary Studies at the University of Siegen (Germany). During the past years, I have mainly—but not exclusively—focused on "electronic literature." I am currently completing a monograph on literature in computer-based and networked media. I am also the co-editor of the forthcoming book "Medien der Literatur: Ein Handbuch" ['Media of Literature: A Handbook' (De Gruyter, 2013)]. In recent years, I have been the author of “Exquisite Dada: A Comprehensive Bibliography” (G.K. Hall, 2005), the co-author of “Eine Theorie der Medienumbrüche 1900/2000” [‘A Theory of Media Upheavals 1900/2000’ (Universi, 2011) and the co-editor of “Literatur, Raum, Neue Medien” (Wilhelm Fink, 2011), “Anderes als Kunst: Ästhetik und Techniken der Kommunikation” (Wilhelm Fink, 2010), “Beyond the Screen: Transformations of Literary Structures, Genres and Interfaces” (Transcript, 2010), “Reading Moving Letters: Digital Literature in Research and Teaching” (Transcript, 2010), “The Aesthetics of Net Literature” (Transcript, 2007), “E-Learning und Literatur” (Universi, 2007), “Wissensprozesse in der Netzwerkgesellschaft” (Transcript, 2005) and “Pop-Literatur” (edition text + kritik, 2003). I am the Associate Series Editor of the book series “International Texts in Critical Media Aesthetics” (Continuum Books). I have also recently been appointed a member of the Advisory Board of the “electronic book review” and have been a founding member of both the “Consortium of Electronic Literature” (CELL) and the “DDDL European Network of Digital Literature.”"

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Dr. Jörgen Schäfer
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