Ari Bouaniche

Ari BouanicheAri Bouaniche is currently a student in Paris 8 University in the Digital Creation and Publishing Master's program. In a former life (that somehow manages --at the expense of much sleeping time-- to coexist with his full-time occupation as a student), he was --and therefore still is-- a teacher of English in high school and completed a Master's degree in English Language and Literature with a focus on Linguistics applied to Pedagogy and Didactics.

Ari's interests in his new career path revolve around coding in a variety of computer languages (well, you were told that he is indeed a linguist, so learning languages is nothing new to him!) which include various standard web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) but mostly C#, the computer language that won his heart. He uses C# for a variety of applications which include simple video games, serious games, augmented reality as well as motion tracking. He has also designed and coded interactive ebooks, worked on webdesign as well as an array of very diverse things having to do with digital and web technology.

Personal interests include keeping watch on topics related to the use of IT in teaching, reading (and maintaining, when time allows him to, a book review blog Mister B on the Web) and pastry-making.