Ahmad Ali

Ahmad Ali is a visual artist, graduated from Faculty of Fine Art, Damascus University (2007), an enthusiast young artist to new wave of ideas and arts, and he focuses on new visual Art, Op Art,Photograph, and Video Art.

Educational Information

2009 – 2010: Assistant at the Faculty of Fine Arts II – Swaida – Syria.
2007: BA, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department Visual Communication.

Work shop

2008: (Video art-photograph) Netherlands Institute for Academic Studies, Shell and Faculty of Fine Arts.
2008: (Photography) Goethe Institute, Helga Pares.
2008: The first symposium of art (Palmyra).
2007: (Eceom) Exchange culture de Mediterranean.
2007: (Photography) Centre cultural France, Rémy Lidereau.
2004: (Graphic-Design) Goethe Institute.

Collective Exhibition

2009: Video Art and Photography in the title (Sensations) New Art Centre – Hassaks.
2009: All Art Now Festival Video Art – Damascus.
2009: Exhibition Visual Communication – Faculty of Fine Arts – Damascus.
2008: Photograph Exhibition, Goethe Institute.
2008: Video art and photography, Faculty of Fine Arts.
2008: The first symposium of art (Palmyra).
2007: First Graduate Students Exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts.
2007: (Eceom) Contemporary Art, Faculty of Fine Arts.
2007: Introductions for the visual communication field (Photograph – 3D).
2006: Panting Exhibition (Tamer Hany).
2006: National conference of scientific research, Reeda Saeed, (Poster- logo).
2005: Political Posters, Reeda Saeed.