2012 Links of the Days

Interactive, visual and sound poetry by Jim Andrews : http://vispo.com/
Jed's other poem : http://vimeo.com/4707422
Philippe Bootz : the set of the U : http://collection.eliterature.org/1/works/bootz_fremiot__the_set_of_u/index.htm
Philippe Bootz : le rabot poète : http://epoetry.paragraphe.info/artists/oeuvres/bootz/rabot.htm
Digital fiction and education : http://inanimatealice.com/
Poemarios originales : http://www.hermeneia.net/interminims/autorc.htm#1
Cybertext Yearbook : http://cybertext.hum.jyu.fi/index.php
epimone : http://www.epimone.net/
isopoema : http://www.epimone.net/pieces/isopoema/index.html
Game, game, game, and again game (Jason Nelson) : http://collection.eliterature.org/2/works/nelson_game.html
Retorn a la comallega : http://www.salnitre.com/retornalacomallega/
The Fugue Book : http://collection.eliterature.org/2/works/ferret_fugue_book.html
The bubble bath : http://collection.eliterature.org/2/works/berkenheger_bubble_bath/altegurken/fastwhirl/browser.htm
Deena Larsen's : http://www.deenalarsen.net/


To be continued...

Thanks to the contributors : Bryan Barrachina - Lisa Kleinberger - Gerard Pagès - Nolwenn Trehondart - Valentina Vannimartini